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More Promotions

We offer upward mobility and opportunity. Cash 4 Techs is here to help you make the next move in your career. We can help you secure a promotion to your next position.

Better Pay

Cash 4 Techs is here to help you make the money you deserve. We can help negotiate higher pay and ensure you will be making more than the market average for your new role. We even include a signing bonus.

Better Training

Factory training and advanced training education are part of the Cash 4 Techs program. We partner with the best dealerships to provide ongoing and rigorous on the job training for the advancement of your career.

All for Free.

Cash 4 Tech's is a free service for mechanics to advance their careers. We offer employment opportunities in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri,  Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

Professional Auto Technicians

The Right Tools for the Right Job.

Cash 4 Techs specializes in helping automotive technicians get better pay at better jobs. Let us help you advance in your automotive career as a technician! +1-630-296-7566

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